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Attorney General

Louisiana RS 47:1676 requires the University to turn over any unpaid debt 60 days after the semester is over.  You will receive either an email and/or a letter from the University advising you to contact us. 

When you receive a letter from the University's Administrative Services' office advising you that you have an unpaid debt and it will be turned over to the Attorney General's office in 60 days, please contact or 337-482-2989.  We will make every effort, within the perimeters of the law, to work with you to prevent your debt from being turned over to the Attorney General.

If you receive a letter from the Attorney General's office, the University is NO LONGER able to prevent collection efforts from the Attorney General.  The Attorney General's office will add an additional FEE to your current debt for THEIR collection efforts, even if you are a current student.  The Attorney General fees cannot be waived by the University under any circumstances.  If you have any questions or would like to pay your debt, please contact the attorney general at 1-800-423-2129.