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Athlete Off-Campus Scholarship

Athletes who receive a scholarship for off-campus living expenses are disbursed twice a semester through the Student Disbursement Center. 

Athletes are to refer to their contract to see if they qualify for off-campus living expenses.  Athletes can also inquire about off-campus living expense with Athletic Compliance or their coach.

Once Athletic Compliance generates a list of athletes whom are receiving off-campus living expense checks, athletes will notice the stipend post on their Statement of Account (Bill) through ULink.

Off-campus Living Expense checks are disbursed into two releases. No exceptions to dates of release. These checks will be mailed to the student or sent direct deposit.

• 14th class day after drop/add
• Midterm

An email giving date of release will be sent out to athletes receiving stipends by the Athletic Compliance office for each disbursement. 

If you have questions pertaining to Athlete Compliance, contact them at:
201 Reinhardt Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: (337) 482-5195

Our Athletes are our Pride and we appreciate each and every one of you.  Stay Safe and Play Hard!!

For more information, please contact the disbursement staff at (337) 482-6385.