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Your Statement of Account

To access your Statement of Account, please visit our new Statement and Payment Center

  •  Login to ULINK Portal
  •  Click on Tuition & Aid
  •  Click View your statement or pay your bill 

Your charges will appear once an assessment has been applied to your account; this may take up to 48 hours.  Fees will not calculate until approximately 45 days prior to the start of classes.

Your statement is current as of the time and date it is displayed. Adding or dropping classes may change your amount due. Your statement may also be affected by an Act of the Louisiana Legislature, a decision by the Board of Supervisors, or a vote by the student body. It is also possible that additional payments or charges have not yet posted to your account.  Monthly statements are posted to student accounts by our office; however, On-Demand statements can be generated manually by clicking the On Demand Statement option on the homepage of the student's online account.

The statement only shows current charges for the semester you selected. You may check semester options to possibly view other semesters, or call the Student Cashier Center at (337) 482-6385 for further information on prior semester balances due. 

Statements cannot be split between partial terms (Term A & Term B).  Statements cannot be calculated by credit hour due to the complexity of the tuition schedule.  Courses with special pricing, such as RN2BSN and online MBA courses, do not meet the definition of 'Tuition' and therefore the cost for these courses are labeled 'Registration Fees' on the statement.

Students paying Tuition and Associated Fees, Housing, Orientation, Application Fees, and other set miscellaneous fees may pay online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checking, or Savings Account.

We have several PowerPoint presentations to assist you in navigating through the new Statement and Payment Center:

How to view your account
How to make someone an authorized user
How to make a payment
How to join the payment plan, how to make a payment if i joined the payment plan
I setup automatic payments, and I do not want them

I registered; however, my tuition is not showing up on my statement of account?

First, verify that you have the correct semester on your ulink portal.  If correct, but the semester doesn’t officially begin for another 45 days, the schedules may not be ready.  Please check back in a couple of weeks.  If classes are about to start and you are still getting the error message "No assessment at this time", please contact the Registrar's office to ensure that all of the necessary information is on your account.

What if I have a hold on my account and I need to schedule or obtain a transcript?

If you have a balance with the University after the payment deadline your account will receive a hold. With this hold you will NOT be able to register for the next semester or obtain a transcript until this balance is paid in full.

What if my financial aid hasn’t posted and I need to register for the next semester?

If your financial aid amount does not post before next semester’s registration begins, a hold will be placed on your account and you will NOT be allowed to register.  Contact Financial Aid for more information.

What happens if I cannot pay the difference?

If the balance of your account isn’t paid by the end of the semester the University is required by Louisiana RS 47:1676 to turn the debt over to the Attorney General for collection. See University’s Financial Obligation Policy.