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Direct Deposit

Participating in the direct deposit program has many advantages.  It saves you trips to your financial institution, saves time in depositing checks and it eliminates the possibility of lost, stolen, or forged checks. 

To set up Direct Deposit:

1.  In order to set up direct deposit, please email the following forms to us at  The forms MUST be sent from your University email address.

a.  A completed Direct Deposit Form.

b.  A voided check or a letter from your bank.  The account must be in the student's name.  Starter checks and temporary checks are not accepted if your information, including your name, is not already preprinted on the check.

c.  Please also include a picture of your ULID or Driver's License.

2.  Please keep in mind that all banking information must be typed - no handwritten bank information will be accepted.

3.  Please allow 7-10 business days for the direct deposit form to be processed.

After turning in your direct deposit form, all future refunds will be deposited in this manner so please ensure the bank account information remains current.  To cancel your Direct Deposit please fill out the Direct Deposit Cancellation Form.

For more information, please contact the Disbursement Staff at (337) 482-6385.