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Payment Plan Option

The University recognizes that you may be experiencing financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist you in paying Spring 2020 semester outstanding balances, the UL Lafayette Student Cashier Center is offering a new payment plan.

The payment plan will allow you to make three equal payments on your remaining balance. You may sign up for the plan from April 1 through April 30, during which time you should make your first payment. The second installment will be due by Saturday, May 30, and the third and final one will be due by Tuesday, June 30.

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Students have the option to pay for their college education in affordable installments using our Payment Plan Option.*

The Payment Plan is ONLY available through the online payment system and Payment Plan payments can ONLY be made online using a credit card, debit card, or electronic check.

In order to be fully enrolled in the Pay Plan Option:

1. Students must agree to the terms of the Payment Plan Contract

2. Students must then pay 25% of tuition, fees, housing, and meals, plus a $50.00 processing fee.

3. The remaining three payments will also be 1/4 of the balance on your account. The plan will recalculate any changes in your account.

4. The payment plan must be completed by the established deadlines.

5. The Fall and Spring term Payment Plans have four installments.  The Summer Payment Plan has three installments.

5. You can elect to have your payments schedule on the appropriate deadlines.

To enroll in our Payment Plan:

•  Login to ULINK Portal
•  Click on Tuition & Aid
•  Click View your statement or pay your bill
•  Select the Payment Plan tab
•  Click Enroll Now


* The payment plan option is only available through the ULINK portal online payment gateway. 

* The Student Cashier Center does not accept payment plan enrollment or payment plan payments in person.


I have TOPS or Financial Aid, can I still select the payment plan?

Yes,  you can join the payment plan for the balance after your scholarships and financial aid appear in the Estimated Cost section on your statement.


I am in the RN to BSN program, can I use the payment plan option? 

Yes, there is a payment plan available. See Payment Plan Dates and Deadlines for dates to enroll.