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Current Fees

These tables are provided to be used as an estimate for calculating tuition and  fees. This table of fees is based on regulations adopted by the Board of Supervisors for the University and the student body through elections, and are subject to change. Individual courses may have other fees such as course and lab fees that also apply  and are not listed on this schedule.  Be sure to make your payments by the set deadlines to avoid classes being purged, late fees, and holds. 

What you pay in tuition fees each semester is based on a few factors:

How do I know which table to use?

Undergraduate—If you  have graduated from high school or transferred from another University and do not currently already have a degree from a University, you are an undergraduate.

Graduate—If you already have a degree from a University and you are pursuing a higher level degree, you are a graduate student.

What fees aren't included on the fee table?

In addition to these fees, the following non-refundable fees are assessed:

  • First-time freshman are required to pay a $7.50 Initial Enrollment Fee.
  • Supplemental insurance fee is assessed to all international students on F-1, J-1, or any other non-immigrant status visa.
  • A $20.00 International Service Fee is assessed to all International students.
  • A late registration fee of $50.00 (non-refundable) is assessed to all students who do not adhere to the fee policy stated in the schedule of classes.
  • Additional course fees and Lab fees are not included
  • Housing and Meal Plans