We Are Here to Help

The Student Cashier Center is where you take care of your University-related finances. We collect tuition, room and board, and all student miscellaneous fees.

We are also responsible for distributing money due to student refunds.

Manage Your Tuition and Billing

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Cashier Center, under the direction of the Bursar, is where you manage your tuition and billing.

The Office of the Bursar functions as the financial manager of student accounts, collects tuition and associated fees, room and board, and all student miscellaneous fees.  The disbursement section is in charge of disbursement of all balances due to students, including refunds and Athlete Off-Campus Scholarships. 

Our goal is to make the information and tools available to current and prospective students to help them achieve financial success in the academic world.

Anyone wanting to dispute tuition or fees, including late fees, would need to follow the Fee Appeal process as posted on the Registrar's website.