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TOPS Scholarship Info

Semester Tops Scholarship Amounts Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

  • TOPS Opportunity $2,703.00
  • TOPS Performance $2,903.00
  • TOPS Honors $3,103.00

For more information please go to the TOPS website.


How to request a TOPS deferment

Login to ULink

Student Tab

Financial Aid (above Statement of Account)

2015 Financial Aid year

TOPS deferment


TOPS Payment Options

Select Tops Calculation Option (located under the Statement of Account).

TOPS students may then select one of the following payment options:

  1. Online
  2. Print ULINK statement of account invoice and mail payment
  3. Print invoice and pay in Person in Student Cashier Center located in the Student Union, Room 135.

NOTE: If you decide not to attend UL Lafayette, you must officially drop your scheduled classes and formally resign through the Registrar's office

The anticipated time period in which TOPS AWARDS are scheduled to be paid to individual students' accounts:

  • Fall 2015: Late October 2015
  • Spring 2015-Late March 2015

How will my TOPS award be handled?

Students qualified to receive tops, will have a TOPS Deferment posted to their statement of account by the Office of Financial Aid. A Tops Deferment will secure your class schedule. Please view your Statement of Account in order to ensure that your Tops Deferment is posted before the Tuition and Associated Fees payment deadline.  The deferment will have a zero dollar amount until it is fully funded by the State.  Please be advised that if there are no other payment resources applied or anticipated for the academic period in question, a balance due will exist relative to your tuition and fees.

When will my TOPS award be posted to my account?

TOPS awards are typically posted by mid-semester.  Any balance due will result in a hold being placed on your account, which will delay registration for the next semester if not paid timely.  Once your TOPS award posts, it is too late to join the payment plan.

What is a TOPS deferment or Federal Financial Aid deferment?

Either of these deferments indicates that the University has confirmed your TOPS or Financial Aid status. TOPS deferments are posted to your Statement of Account by the Financial Aid Office, once your Tops Scholarship is verified. Financial Deferments must be requested through ULINK by the Student. Once the deferments are posted to your account, your class schedule will be secured and registered classes will not be dropped.

NOTE: Tuition deferments do not prevent mid-term holds on student accounts.